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Photo by Fanm Djanm

Photo by Fanm Djanm

In skimming over The Week headlines after Christmas, I came across a headline that read "The WNBA is worried its athletes face 'dangerous situations' while playing overseas". This article was brief, but encouraging. It explained how, in their offseason, WNBA players often play overseas. As our world is increasingly uncertain, playing in arenas overseas can place players in dangerous situations. Last year, for instance, Marissa Coleman, in her second season playing in Turkey, had just been in the blue Mosque area minutes before hearing about a suicide bombing. The Associated Press reported:

‘A guy walked by yelling bomb! Bomb!’ Coleman recalled. ‘We thought he was toying with us, so we left, and then my phone started buzzing. First thing I saw was a CNN update that there was a bomb outside the Blue Mosque.’

Because of situations like the close call that Coleman had in Turkey, the WNBA is providing over 60 players overseas with a "mobile security app" created by LiveSafe. The LiveSafe platform "delivers two-way, real-time interactions that include location-tagged text, calls, photos and videos; scalable mass notifications; relevant safety resources and peer-to-peer safety tools".

WNBA President Lisa Borders said that the WNBA is offering this app because their players,

...are some of the best athletes in the world. They are citizens of that same world. They experience cultures and conflicts in the world. We always want to make sure they are safe.

I applaud Borders for doing something about the danger that her players face. I applaud her for empowering her players as they work overseas. I applaud LiveSafe for their motto: 

The do something
for ‘see something, say something’

This motto leads me to my second New Year's resolution: In 2017, with my money, my time, and my voice, I am resolving to support companies who make it their mission to empower women in their everyday endeavors; who make it their mission to be the "do something" for the issues that women face every day. 

This coming year, I hope that you make the same resolution. In an effort to help you get started, I have a treat. Did you notice the fabulous picture at the top of the blog? Just in case, here is another:

Photo by Fanm Djanm

Photo by Fanm Djanm

No little girl should grow up in a world that takes away her abilities to dream.
No woman should ever be persuaded that she’s not beautiful enough. Strong enough. Or intelligent enough.
No matter where we are from, we should feel confident to share our colors and magic with the world.
To love ourselves and those around us.
And to share our light and stories that make us all unique.
We choose our head wraps to express our pride.
To celebrate African culture, strength and beauty.
To live boldly.
Put your head wrap on, lift your chin up, young girl.
— Fanm Djanm

Just for STOKED readers, Fanm Djanm is offering a 15% gift on headwraps. To get the discount, enter the code 'STOKEDMAG' at checkout. This discount will apply today through 1/5/17 at 11:00AM EST. 

Since I want a head wrap in every single print, let me know which one your purchase. Sport it proudly. Send me a picture! Remember, you're not just wearing a fabulous headpiece, you're helping to empower women across the globe.

What are some of your New Year's Resolutions? What are some ways you have found to help empower other women? I would love to see your comments!






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