Sunday Self-Care: Introducing my Instacrush

One of the reasons that I love social media marketing is that looking at beautiful things has always been my form of self-care. Sometimes beauty is something huge and vast - it's an ocean or a mountain range. But sometimes beauty can be something small - an Instagram picture, for example. Taking a few moments (or yes, sometimes a few hours) to find beauty while scrolling through my Instagram feed sets my head right. 

To set you up for a great week, I thought I would introduce you to my Instacrush - a true thing of beauty - Cobra Rock Boot Company in Marfa, Texas.

I started following Cobra Rock on Instagram  after reading an article in T Magazine last year. I'm a sucker for boots. I'm a sucker for anything that has to do with a ranch. And just like everything else about Marfa, Cobra Rock's photos were earthy and honest with a touch of whimsy. I knew I HAD to go someday. So I did.

While gawking at every glorious detail that is the Cobra Rock store/gallery/workshop, I got a chance to chat with co-owner, Colt Miller. Like his works of art, he is easygoing. I wanted to be his friend in an instant and though I'm not from Marfa, I felt like a local in the sense that I wanted to "shop local". I forgot why I would buy leather accessories from any place else ever again. You can tell that Miller does what he loves. You can tell that he's committed to producing a great product. Those are both simple concepts, but simplicity, like beauty, is a complicated thing to master. Simple beauty is not at all something I see on social media, or in real life, everyday. Hence my crush, likely a lifelong crush, on Cobra Rock.

Oh, one last thing - Before we left, Colt (I'm going to pretend we're on a first name basis) kindly taught my husband and I about this terrifying tarantula-killing bug flying around his workshop. Apparently, this grossly huge ant-fly-dragonfly thing can kill tarantulas and is insanely poisonous. Yet, while it flew around his workshop, he didn't bat an eye.

That's how cool he was, folks.

Meanwhile, my husband just about lost all of his marbles and I froze from my head to my toes.

I'll post more on Marfa soon, friends! I'm just getting started. In the meantime, Check out Cobra Rock. Trust me, staring at - and buying - beautiful things is an act of self-love.

True beauty makes you better.






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