If you have been watching the news lately, you have probably seen a lot of coverage about Aleppo: Syria's largest city and its commercial capital. So, what:

Well, for starters, The Altantic says of Aleppo:

In the past four years, Aleppo—particularly rebel-held eastern Aleppo—has been bombarded, besieged, and drained of many of its people, who have either been killed or forced to flee. Food, water, medicine, and life’s other essentials are scarce, and aid organizations have struggled to gain access to the city.

According to the New York Times: "You could be forgiven, after five years of Syria's civil war dominating front pages for feeling lost". Thank goodness, because I've been feeling straight-up ignorant. 

To be honest, the first time that the Syrian civil war felt real to me and felt like something I should pay attention to was when I read about the refugee team that competed in the Rio Olympics this year. For more information about olympians in Syria, I suggest reading this article from Reuters:

For those of you who may be feeling a bit lost, or who may feel like you could do more to help Syria's refugees, I suggest that we - because I'm right there with you - start with the following six ideas:

Educate: I suggest brushing up on recent Syrian history with both BBC News and, my personal favorite, The Skimm.

Donate: The White Helmets, "...a volunteer organization that has been working tirelessly to rescue people from the rubble of buildings destroyed by bombings and airstrikes", could use your donations

Tweet: Catholic Relief Services is definitely worth a follow, as is UNICEF. For the latest news on Twitter, search

Phone a Friend: If you have friends overseas in Europe or across the border in Canada, encourage them to participate in Refugees Welcome - think of the concept like a charitable Airbnb.

Snail Mail: If words of affirmation are the love language that you give, think about writing a letter.

Don't Stop Here: Five more things you can do to help Aleppo.


What is your advice? It makes a difference!

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