What is stoked


  • Stoked is based in Denver, Colorado. Elise Matson founded Stoked on November 15, 2016.
  • Stoked evolved into Stoked Communications. Elise works as a freelance marketing specialist for small businesses and nonprofit organizations, specializing in social media management and event planning. She is passionate about helping business owners in finding their voice and telling their story.

   Elise Is: 

  • Driven to communicate daily, adopting a phrase by Sydney Harris: “Information is giving out; communication is getting through." 
  • A team of one, currently. "I work around the clock, and I've never been happier! Oh, and the way to my heart is a good cup of coffee."
  • A graduate of the University of Denver with a B.A. in strategic communication and a minor in English. 
  • A newlywed! My husband, Patrick fuels my passion for watching football and basketball, especially, and encourages me in reading the news daily.